Our Staff

Erwin & Debbie Clark

Erwin and Debbie Clark (with sons Zach and Collin) have been with the camp since 2003 and serve as the Facility Manager and Event/Kitchen Manager respectively. Erwin has full mammoth responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep and improvements of the 188 acre property and buildings. As the Event/Kitchen Manager, Debbie acts as on-location event manager coordinating all facets of the client's needs. They are happy to serve your needs anyway they can.

Erwin & Debbie Clark

Jeff and Jennifer Rorabaugh, (pictured in India) have been associated with the camp since 1996. They serve as Camp Program Directors, and as Executive Director of Swamp Corps, Jeff oversees all international trips; he is also responsible for websites, event registrations, and rental sales.

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So Close yet Feels Far Away
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