Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

About Us

Swamp Corps is the generative arm of Swamp Camp Services, Inc., the year-round retreat, conference and overnight camp facility affectionately known as The Swamp. Swamp Corps’ overarching purpose is to replicate The Swamp's culture by planning, organizing, and directing summer camps for 9 to 18-year-old children, wherever we are invited around the world. Our objectives are:

  • To establish a perennial camp endorsed and supported by the host community
  • To extend service-learning and leadership training opportunities to students 14+ years of age
  • To offer host community participants an overnight camp training process designed to teach and instill Biblical-based character and citizenship in a memorable, fun-filled fashion.

Once an invitation is accepted, Swamp Corps will dedicate resources such as training, planning, experienced campers, competent counselors, and seasoned leadership for three (3) successive years each with increasing level of ownership by the host community. The ultimate goal is to inculcate the camp culture and to see it sustained on a perennial basis by the host community. We are committed to that end...with arms and hearts wide open.

Making Memories. Creating Character.