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Decades of Success

Camp Swamp has had a proven strategy since 1992 due to a highly successful camp culture, which has influenced thousands of people for decades. The heart and foundation of camp since its first day has changed very little; only now in the last several years have we begun to articulate the very nature of this culture. Since its inception the goal has been to influence people—especially children.

  • Summer Camp
  • The last 3 years has seen a cumulative increase of 16.9% to a consistent annual total of either side of 1,000.
  • Beginning with only a handful of campers in 1992, peaking at just fewer than 1,600 in 2002, and drifting to the low-800s in 2011.
  • Swamp Corps
  • With its inaugural Jamaica location in 2010, Swamp Corps was founded as a direct result of the Camp Swamp Declaration of Purpose
  • Since then eight more locations have come on board: Barbados, South Africa, Brazil, India, Bahamas, Zimbabwe, and Nicaragua.
  • In 2016, invitations came from Kenya and Cambodia, which started discussions for camps in 2017 and 2018 respectively.
  • Retreats
  • In 2010, Camp Swamp hosted only 2 events: Father Son Retreat, the very first Swamp-hosted retreat, which started in 2007, and the Mother Daughter Retreat.
  • Since then, 3 more have been added to the calendar: Daddy Daughter, [email protected] ([email protected]), and Mother Son Retreat.
  • Rentals
  • For our first decade, Camp Swamp property was only used for summer camps and an occasional retreat.
  • In the early 2000s, under the Sessions' and the Clarks’ leadership, Camp Swamp was made available to rent.
  • Since 2010 we have seen an increase in attendance from the likes of school clubs, civic organizations, and church groups.
  • In 2009, Camp Swamp added Laser Tag to its rental repertoire offering a fun and inviting environment for casual and serious taggers.

5-year Plan

We are currently in process of creating our next 5-year Plan to keep us focused on our purpose and vision.

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