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Brianna joins the Camp Swamp staff after 17 years of camping and counseling. She fell in love with Camp at a young age, and is now committed to keeping it around for as long as possible.

She was a volunteer counselor for 5 years, and worked as a Lifeguard and Counselor for 2 years before becoming the Girls Head Counselor for the last 3 years.

Brianna has a unique passion for Camp, and is incredibly excited to contribute to its growth.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Debbie Clark has been with the camp since 2003 and serves as the on-location Kitchen/Event Manager. Debbie coordinates all facets of a client's needs including meals and staff, with full responsibility for over 60,000 meals annually. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education and currently is an elementary school teacher in her "spare" time. She enjoys serving and takes extra care in working with and getting to know the staff and volunteers who serve Camp Swamp.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Erwin has been with the camp since 2003 and serves as the Facility Manager. Irwin oversees all physical assets, with full responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep and improvements of the 188 acres. Prior to Camp Swamp he was a successful business owner in the construction and cable business. He is an amazing care-taker and believes that all his previous experiences have led and prepared him for this position, which he treats not as a job but as an extension of his vast knowledge and love for children.
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Dwan Fellows comes to camp from Savannah, GA where she and her husband, Chris, have served in various forms of church ministry since the planting of the Savannah Church in 2002. They are business owners of a successful clinical research business since 2004. Chris and Dwan have two adult children who grew up attending Camp Swamp summer camps and numerous retreats, including some Swamp Corps trips, and both have served as counselors and teen workers. “Some of our family’s fondest and most favorite memories come from being at Camp Swamp, and we want camp to be that for many other campers, parents, volunteers, and staff.”

Dwan loves to cook and practice hospitality and has planned or catered many events over the years, including wedding receptions, parties, and local church activities. Since 2016, Dwan has volunteered and assisted in the Camp Swamp kitchen and found that she loves using her talents to feed the many campers and staff who attend or visit the camp. Working in the kitchen combines two loves for her: using her coordinator/business skills to manage a busy environment and feeding people.

“Feeding people is one way I show my love for others, and the opportunity to do this at Camp Swamp combines this love and my love for camp in a way that is very rewarding.”
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Rachele grew up going to camp in northern Michigan and was excited to volunteer for Camp Swamp as a counselor the summer of 1993. She has volunteered in middle school and teen ministries, worked full time in adult ministries, volunteered at camp in the kitchen, and introduced her adult daughters to family camp when they were each five years old. She has been practicing child welfare law for the last 20 years and serves on the boards of local non-profits focused on caring and advocating for the most vulnerable in her community. She also has served on the church's board for the last 10 years having not yet been discovered by the music ministry. Rachele will partner with Steve in the oversight of summer camp operations and Swamp-hosted retreats as well as continue her law practice.
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Steve’s first camp experience was as a counselor in 1993. That’s also how he first met Rachele (at counselor training)! They have been consistently involved with camp ever since, along with their daughters. Steve will begin serving as Program Director this May after shadowing Jeff in order to oversee the year-round operations of all property-based events and activities conducted at and related to the Camp location in Georgia. Steve has been a full-time minister and youth leader in Atlanta and Athens, and now also serves as an Elder in the Athens Church of Christ.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Jeff comes to Camp Swamp with over 30 years of experience in working with youth of all ages, and has been involved in the planning and leadership of Camp Swamp for most of those years. He has been a full-time and volunteer youth minister and has worked with kids in the Greater Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City and Athens areas. He holds a Bachelor of Chemistry from the University of Georgia and a Master of Science in Operations Management from Georgia State University. Jeff has worked with the likes of The Coca-Cola Company, Scientific Atlanta, Atlanta Church of Christ, Frito-Lay, and Power Partners, holding various operations management positions. He comes to Camp Swamp with much needed project management, train-the-trainer, budgeting, and leadership skills, and his passion is to see the world made a better place by working with tomorrow's leaders today.
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Karen joined Camp Swamp in 2021 with more than 10 years administration experience that includes being part of the team that launched Camp Swamp South Africa in 2012. She has been a volunteer Kingdom Kids coordinator and a full-time church employee responsible for event management and communication. She hopes to assess and optimise existing processes and infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiencies and impact on the staff hosting, those volunteering to serve and those participating in all Swamp Camp events.

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