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Serving at Camp Swamp is a vacation for the soul. Volunteers play a vital role in all aspects of Camp Swamp's success. Thanks to you, we can:

serve thousands of meals,
spread the camp culture to the ends of the earth.

Time spent at camp is a proven part of a child's spiritual and emotional upbringing. Donating your resources (time, energy, money, ideas, wisdom, experiences, etc.) will help us substantially enhance their experience and meet our vision for the future of providing a safe and fun environment for youth & families here and abroad.

Here are few ways to Get Involved...

Be a Kitchen Worker

The most available position and yet the hardest to get. You do not need previous restaurant or catering experience (although it is appreciated) but you will need to withstand the physical demands of standing for long periods of time, while working two to three meals per day. Apply using the button below. You will be informed via e-mail if you are selected. Once selected, please confirm that you can attend the week designated.

Join a Work Party

Through out the year, heavily in Spring, there are work parties to prepare the camp facilities for kids who will come from all over the southeast. Be on the look out for email notifications for these opportunities. Not getting Swamp emails: Sign up using button below.

Become a Friend

Camp Swamp relies on the generosity of people like you so the kids and everyone involved can be influenced by its spiritual culture. To learn more about our monthly donation plan, click button below.

Act as an Ambassador

Springboarding from the cultural foundation so carefully built over 20 years by Sonny & Carolyn Sessions, Camp Swamp has unveiled its 5-Year Plan (5YP) and is poised to influence more people than ever before, both here and abroad. This visionary plan requires the input of all parties to fulfill, which is where you come in: YOU ARE NEEDED. We ask that you become familiar with the plan and share it with never know when you may talk to the next camp director or large donor. To see a brief inroduction video to the 5YP, click button below to read.

Ever wonder what we dream about at Camp Swamp?

Watch to learn about our 5-Year Plan.

Georgia Atlanta Camp Swamp 5 Year Plan

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Camp Swamp Going Green

Get a Charge out of Camp!

Camp Swamp now offers electric vehicle hookup.
(EV Level 2 J1772 30 Amp Connector).

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