Each team member is equipped with an infrared tagger with red dot scopes and sensor headgear. Laser taggers are great fun for the casual player and our structured strategy missions are designed to encourage teamwork, leadership skills and effective communication, combined with role-play and problem-solving, guaranteeing an experience unlike any other.

Missions like Capture the Flag, VIP, Convoy, Assassins, Survivor, Bounty Hunters…..just to name a few! We have a variety of missions for every player level and unlike computer games, no mission ever plays the same twice.

Referees can quickly reconfigure all taggers for each game remotely. This saves time between games so that players spend more time on the field, and it allows players to experience a wide variety of game types.

During one game, your tagger may be configured as a single-shot "sniper" rifle, and during the next game it may be a machine gun or a sci-fi laser blaster.

Our taggers have 500+ ft range in broad daylight! We have day and night missions, indoors or outdoor games, so we are never rained out.

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