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Welcome to
Shining Stars Performing Arts Academy
July 18-24, 2021

Sherwin and Debbie

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Created and directed by Sherwin Mackintosh and Carrie Kelsey (pictured), the Shining Stars Performing Arts Academy WILL be back at the SWAMP on July 18-24, 2021!   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to have camp last summer, BUT, we will be back this summer and better than ever!

We are making our own “bubble” to keep everyone safe this year.  We are taking special precautions, following the CDC and state guidelines.  These include:

* Teachers and staff providing proof of negative COVID-19 test results or confirmation of Vaccine(s).
* Daily temperature checks
* 5 camper limit per cabin.
* Only 10 students in any group classes 
* Use of outdoor spaces for much of our teaching
* Hand sanitizer will be provided and groups will regularly take breaks to sanitize
* There will be minimal shared equipment and any shared equipment will be sanitized in between uses.

We will continue to closely monitor CDC and state guidelines and will send our revised and more detailed precautions as we get closer to camp.


We are excited this year to be able to focus more on Commercial and On-Camera techniques.  Students will be instructed by industry experts on how best to film themselves as well as how to  edit videos. For our Virtual Showcase, we will be featuring professionally-captured videos of individual performers, as well as our signature group performances.  This is especially important as all of us enter into more digital and virtual auditions and performances.  We will continue our three-pronged approach with singing, dancing and acting; but will also be offering opportunities for those writers and film-makers behind the camera!

In the past, Shining Stars brought students from literally around the globe.  We may be somewhat limited on that this year, but we hope that many will join us from around the Southeast as well as from the Atlanta area.  We are going to have a TON of fun, learn new creative skills, and provide some in-person fellowship that we have all been dying for!  All the while remaining safe.

Rave Reviews...

  • Shining Stars Camper
    Shining Stars camp was really fun! It was great getting to meet other kids that had the same interests as me. I loved getting to learn from professionals who had experience working in the industry. I learned a lot, and had fun working on the musical numbers as we prepared for the show. They picked some of my favorite musical theater songs, and it was cool getting to perform them at the end of the week. I am looking forward to going back again.”
    Sydney Sessions, 12 years old, Alpharetta, GA
  • Shining Stars Camper
    Shining Stars was awesome! I made new friends and had new experiences. I also grew spiritually and grew closer to God. I learned from the talented people around me and had tons of fun while doing it.
    Ty Brown, 9 years old, San Antonio, TX
  • Shining Stars Camper
    I loved Shining Stars Camp!! It was so amazing witnessing people in the Kingdom of God stay true to The Word when in the performing arts business. It gave me hope learning that I can truly use my talents for the Lord. I think my favorite part was dancing because Mr. Paul definitely pushed us past our limits. :)
    Emerson Faith Howard, 15 years old, Athens, GA
  • Shining Stars Camper
    The Shining Stars Performance camp was an incredible experience to expand my performing horizon all to strengthen my relationship with God. I was inspired to be around real life examples of the staff, who use their talents for God. My favorite part about camp was being around people like me who are interested in live performance, and being able to perform with like-minded people.
    Ryan Mertz, 16 years old, Greensboro, NC

As many of you know, Sherwin and Carrie were two of the Producers of the recent revival of the musical, Upside Down. Sherwin was the co-writer (along with Steve Johnson) and Carrie was the Assistant Director and Choreographer. What you may not know is that both Sherwin and Carrie taught at the PK Yonge Performing Arts Center at University of Florida for several years after 17 years of performing and producing productions in New York City.  Along with Sherwin and Carrie, we are again assembling a first-class group of teachers and professionals who have made careers performing in the Arts, with film and Broadway credits, while at the same time, keeping God first in their lives.  The combination of being excellent in our craft and holding strong to our convictions as disciples continues to be the foundation for the Shining Stars Performing Arts Academy.

Join Us Today and Prepare for the Stage of Life!

Shining Stars will be a great experience for anyone looking to build their confidence, leadership training, and talent development. Studies show that students involved in the Arts score higher on SATs and learn to be more comfortable in social situations. So whether you are just starting out or have been performing since you were born (we've heard the stories!), there is a place here for everyone to grow in a very safe, non-threatening environment. And if you are thinking about trying to make a career in entertainment, there will also be special classes on how to use your talents for God while thriving spiritually in the field of entertainment.

Key Registration Information

$100 Deposit
Due at time of registration.
No discounts.
Must register by midnight July 10.
Limited to 40 Campers.

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