Swamp Corps

Camp Swamp's Global Training Organization Exists to:

Provide Three Years of Consistent Training,
Establish a Spiritual Camp Serving Generations,
Teach and Instill Biblical Character, and
Offer Global Service-Learning Trips for Students.

Swamp Corps' Beginning

Why Would I Apply?
Inside look at the benefits.


How Do I Apply?
Some Very Helpful Tips.


Two More Helpful Videos


Application Steps




We'll Talk Soon. Meanwhile...

We Leave For...

Honduras Year 2
Trip Information Page
Kenya Year 3
Trip Information Page
Taiwan Year 2
Trip Information Page
Cambodia Year 3
Trip Information Page
New to Swamp Corps?

This short film gives insight as to our beginnings, our focus, our activities and your benefits. Enjoy!

Swamp Corps Introduction Video
"My Swamp Corps Adventure!"

Watch a 14-year old's first-ever Swamp Corps trip!

Swamp Corps Kim's Africa Adventure Video
  • "We noticed character changes on return from the camp - a totally different attitude." Camper Parent
  • "My child was greatly impacted by last year's trip. It was a chance for her to be out of herself, and other's centered." Counselor Parent
  • "I learned that all humans are the same no matter what color or where they live." Participant

Invest in Me!

A message from the kids and us to you, the Sponsor.

Swamp Corps Invest in Me Video
Swamp's 5 Year Plan

Swamp Camp Services 5 Year Plan Video

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