In the fall of 2009, a group of teenagers (background) from the Athens, Georgia area desired to travel to Jamaica to help serve that nation by building homes in poor, outlying areas. Due to liability restrictions by the local governments, they were prohibited from this humanitarian endeavor; however, they would not be deterred. Each teen had benefited from their annual stay at Camp Swamp for many years, where despite the high costs, a handful of participants from Jamaica traveled every year to camp with them. Thinking of these Jamaican campers, the teens considered the idea of “taking Camp Swamp to the Jamaicans instead of the Jamaicans coming to Camp Swamp.” And so, they did...and upon their return from a successful week of teaching 77 Jamaicans the intricacies of camp during the summer of 2010, the concept of Swamp Corps was conceived with the mission of teaching kids around the world the Swamp camp culture and helping them to see God (Job 40:5).

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