August 2-16, 2023 (tentative)
Year 1 of 3

Honduras Planning Meeting
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Botswana campers have been coming to camp in South Africa for several years as a busload of campers make the trek south to spend time with their friends at the Johannesburg camp. Botswana has long been on the wish list for new camps and with the encouragement of the church in Windhoek, Namibia, the Greater Wilmington Church in Wilmington, North Carolina and Swamp Corps, this camp start-up is finally coming to fruition. The team will be led by the South African training team and accompanied by a group from the United States (in fact, the Greater Wilmington Church has a goal to send its entire youth ministry who are age-eligible to come Wahoo!) What a joy for the kids in Namibia and Zambia to have a camp within a shorter distance to attend.

JOIN US TODAY and let's continue spreading the Swamp Camp Culture and the Good News to the children of southern Africa.

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