July 18-27, 2021
Year 2 of 3

Honduras Planning Meeting
Honduran Flag

Pictured: 2019 Year 1 Honduras Camp

The Hondurans found out about camp several years ago right after Year 1 in Nicaragua as many of the people in Nicaragua had friends in Honduras. For the last two years, the Hondurans have invested in sending people to see camp and learn about its impact. Ever since they have been waiting their turn for training.

A slot amazingly opened for June of 2019 and when asked when they could do it: these dates were the exact time frame they wanted and knew would offer the maximum participation. The other tremendous thing which came from this is that some of the campers from Nicaragua, who are not able to have camp in 2019 due to the political situation, will be able to go to Honduras. God meeting many needs. In fact, Rolando Obando, Nicaraguan Swamp Camp Director, will be leading the training under the guidance of Jeff, and will be taking a team of Nicaraguan campers, counselors and adult volunteers to spearhead the training. They will be accompanied by a team from the U.S. Rolando will be making a trip to Honduras later this year to scout out locations, work on budgets and make preparations. So, wow...this is exciting news and a bit unexpected...but it seems the Spirit is always working; we just need to keep in step!

JOIN US TODAY and let's continue spreading the Swamp Camp Culture and the Good News to the children of Central America.

BTW, invitations to the surrounding countries of Cost Rica, Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala will be given for an opportunity to experience the camp. The vision is to have the Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans, and Hondurans, under Rolando and his wife, Selene's, direction, lead the ongoing training and expansion of the Swamp Summer Camps into other Central American nations.

Trip Information

Fees & Deadlines:


  • Round Trip Flight from Atlanta, Georgia to San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • All Lodging
  • All Camp Fees
  • All Transportation
  • Fun Activity in San Pedro Sula
  • 19 out of 24 meals
  • Group Travel Insurance

Does NOT Include:
  • $25 baggage fee for checked bag, both ways (total $50). (Click here for more info.)
  • Vaccination Costs (click here for more info.)
  • Souvenirs
  • Approximately 5 Meals - Suggest $50
  • Personal Travel Insurance (More Info)
  • Deposit - $275 by January 31
  • Payment #1 - $264 by February 28
  • Payment #2 - $264 by March 31
  • Payment #3 - $264 by April 30
  • Payment #4 - $264 by May 31
  • Payment #5 - $264 by June 15
Participant Information Calls:
  • Call #1: MON APR 26, 8:00-9:00PM EDT
  • Call #2: MON JUN 7, 9:00-9:45PM EDT
  • Call #3: MON, JUL 12, 9:00-9:15PM EDT
  • NOTE: The purpose of these calls is to share pertinent travel information and to be available for communication and Q&A

Key Information:

  • COVID-19 Related Information
    Please click here for updated COVID-19 related information specific to Honduras.

    You must schedule your PCR Test on July 15 or 16, preferably the 15th in order to get the results in time for our July 18 departure.

    Also, you must complete an Online Immigration Pre-Check Form. Click
    here to do so. Can only do this within 3 days of travel.
  • Do I Need a Visa?
    Visa is NOT required for this trip for stays less than 90 days.
  • Are Vaccinations Needed?
    Check the following two sources: Passport Health or CDC Health Information for Travelers to Honduras.
    Use these sites to find the nearest Travel Clinic to you.
    They can advise you on the shots needed and the fees associated with each one.
    We highly suggest the use of a travel clinic as they are more knowledgeable and prepared.
  • Camp Schedule
    As of 3/19/2021

    12:00 PM: Nicaraguan Team will arrive at camp location and join Honduran Counselors/Leaders; they will begin training.

    9:00 AM Breakfast
    10:00 AM Camp Worship
    11:00 AM Training
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM U.S. Team arrives; continue Training and Planning
    6:30 PM Dinner
    8:00 PM Devotional / Free Time

    Monday: Day 1
    9:00 AM Staff Breakfast
    12:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM Kids Arrive (tentative - not sure yet)
    2:30 PM Welcome/Icebreakers/Games
    3:00 PM Free Time
    4:30 PM Field Games
    6:00 PM Dinner
    7:00 PM Free Time
    9:00 PM Evening Session (Rolando or Jeff)
    11:00 PM Lights Out

    Tuesday Day 2:
    9:00 AM Breakfast
    10:00 AM Clean Rooms
    10:30 AM All-Camp Meeting
    10:40 AM Free Time - Challenges
    12:00 PM Bible Classes (Counselors)
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM Cabin Team Time
    3:00 PM Free Time
    4:30 PM Camp-wide Activity
    6:00 PM Dinner
    7:00 PM Free Time
    9:00 PM Evening Session (Counselors)
    11:00 PM Lights Out

    Wednesday Day 3:
    8:00 AM Breakfast
    9:00 AM Clean Rooms
    9:30 AM Singing Devotional
    10:30 AM Camp Meeting
    10:40 AM Free Time
    12:00 PM Bible Classes (Counselors)
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM Cabin Team Time
    3:00 PM Free Time
    4:30 PM Camp-wide Activity
    6:00 PM Dinner
    7:00 PM Free Time
    9:00 PM Evening Session (Starlight)
    11:00 PM Lights Out

    Thursday Day 4:
    9:00 AM Breakfast
    10:00 AM Clean Rooms
    10:30 AM Camp Meeting
    10:40 AM Free Time
    12:00 PM Bible Class (Cross Study-Rolando/Counselors)
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM Cabin Team Time
    3:30 PMFree Time
    4:30 PM Ring/Mingle of Honor
    6:00 PM Dinner
    7:30 PM Evening Session (Talent Show/Dance Party)
    8:30 PM Free Time
    11:00 PM Lights Out

    Friday Day 5:
    8:00 AM Thank You Devotional
    9:00 AM Breakfast
    10:00 AM Clean & Pack
    12:00 PM Depart Camp
  • Emergency Contact Information
    Below are the numbers you can call

    During Trip
    When: Any time
    Jeff's Cell: 706-818-5842

    At Camp
    When: Monday-Friday
    Jeff's Cell: 706-818-5842
  • Flight Information
    As of 6/10/21

    -------------- -------------------
    DELTA - DL1920
    SUN 18JUL

    -------------- -------------------

    SUN 18JUL

    -------------- -------------------
    DELTA - DL1842
    TUE 27JUL

    -------------- -------------------

    TUE 27JUL
  • Itinerary

    2021 Honduras Trip Itinerary

    Updated 6/7/2021

    Sunday, July 18:
    • 6:30am Meet at Atlanta International Terminal
    • 9:45am Flight departs for San Pedro Sula
    • 11:00Am Flight lands in San Pedro Sula
    • Travel to camp site
    • Conduct Camp Staff Training

    Monday, July 19 - Friday, July 23:
    • Have Honduras Camp 2021 Week 2

    Friday, July 23:
    • Travel to Resort

    Saturday, July 24:
    • 4:00pm Return to San Pedro Sula
    • Stay with host families

    Sunday, July 25:
    • Have Camp-Led Worship in San Pedro Sula
    • Have fun in San Pedro Sula

    Monday 26:
    • Have fun in San Pedro Sula

    Tuesday 27:
    • 9:0am Depart for airport
    • 12:15pm Flight departs for Atlanta
    • 5:34pm Flight arrives in Atlanta

  • Participants
    DesirKaylaAthens, GA
    ReddLeeAthens, GA
    RorabaughJeffAthens, GA
    WeyrickMackenzieCharlotte, NC
  • Camp Location Information
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For questions, contact Dona.

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