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"One Week Can Change the World"
Swamp Corps Strategy

Swamp Corps' secret sauce is packaged in week-long overnight camps with activities, classes, and interactions geared towards teaching skills, behaviors, and methods related to the key pillars of character: service, humility, forgiveness, gratitude, and encouragement, all in a manner of extreme fun. While the camp agenda is dynamic from week-to-week and/or year-to-year, the following key elements are fixed into each week for maximum effectiveness while staying true to our mission:

Participants are assembled in teams by age to augment peer-to-peer relationships.

Swamp Corps Peer-to-Peer Strategy
South Africa: 9-10 year old boys team.

Swamp Corps Counselor Strategy
Jamaica: Counselors with a younger girls team.

One or two student-counselors are assigned to each group to lead, train and care for participants.

Each team is given work assignments for two purposes:

  1. To fulfill the daily duties required to keep the camp running smoothly and
  2. To conduct an improvement activity for the camp facility or local community.
Swamp Corps Service Strategy
South Africa: Mr. Erwin's team working on site entrance.

Swamp Corps Class Strategy
India: Boys Class

Daily age-appropriate classes are offered with a curriculum emphasizing character enrichment.

Daily games are planned to encourage teamwork, strategy and physical education.

Swamp Corps Games Strategy 1
Barbados: Team Swamp Ball

Brazil: Young Camper Tackling Low Ropes
Swamp Corps Games Strategy 2

Swamp Corps Assembly Strategy 1
South Africa: Boy Expressing Gratitude

Two assemblies are devoted to public expression centered on gratitude and encouragement.

This allows children chances to learn confidence in public speaking and to develop feedback skills helping them to understand the importance and impact of positive reinforcement.

One session is held under the stars as we discuss facts regarding our solar system, the distances of stars and the vastness of our universe helping children to understand that there is no other place or species known like us and that they are special and have a unique and sacred role to play in all of nature.

This is one of our top-rated sessions.
Swamp Corps Starlight Strategy
USA: Camp Swamp Night Sky.

Swamp Corps Forgiveness Strategy
Jamaica: Older Campers' Class

One session is dedicated to the power of forgiveness and the destructive nature that hate, anger, disharmony, and selfishness has on us individually and collectively in our relationships and societies in general.

Another top rated session especially for older children.