Staffing Questions

These are the most common questions. If you should have further questions, please Contact Us.

  • I would like to volunteer, but I need to bring my younger child with me to camp. Is this a possibility?
    Unfortunately, it is not. We have allowed this in the past, but we are no longer able to allow younger children due to safety reasons (both for campers and the underage children). We appreciate your desire to serve but will look forward to having you come once your children are of camp age.
  • If I volunteer will I receive a discount for my child to come to camp?
    The way in which we keep our registration cost down is through the service of volunteers. Unfortunately we are unable to give discounts to volunteers other than those advertised.
  • I would like to volunteer at camp, but can only come for a few days. Possible?
    We appreciate your desire to serve, but for continuity we need our counselors and staff committed to the entire week.
  • I would like to volunteer for the same week that my child is a camper. How do I make this request?
    Please mark on your form the weeks that your child has selected. Please note if you can only come the same week as your child or if you are willing to come a different week than your child. We will do our best to place you the same week as your child, but frequently camper weeks fill up differently than staff weeks.
  • I would like to volunteer the same week as a friend of mine. Is this a possibility?
    We encourage people to bring friends with them to serve. Please note on the application form of your preference to work with a particular person. That person must also fill out a form. If you and your friend are able to work the same week in the kitchen or work as medical staff then we will do our best to accommodate your desire.
  • I am have never worked at the camp and would like to help. What do I do?
    If you are out of state and have never worked at camp, please visit our Volunteer Staff website page for vital information and application steps.
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