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Camp Swamp Who We Are

Who We Are

Camp Swamp is a year-round overnight camp facility hosting retreats, special events and, during the summer, week-long overnight camps for children from 9-18 years of age. The camp is located in a rural setting in Penfield, Georgia just two hours east of Atlanta and 45 minutes south of Athens on 188 acres of wooded land and open fields.

Campers enjoy a variety of activities such as basketball, soccer, Laser Tag, Ultimate Frisbee, swimming, fishing, 300' Slip N Slide, 12' pool slide, paddle boating, Low Ropes Course, ping-pong, arts and crafts, hayrides, and more. Unforgettable memories are made during cabin challenges, night activities, devotionals and Bible classes.
IRS Exempt Letter.

Camp Swamp is a 501(c)3, Publication 78 listed organization under the name of Swamp Camp Services, Inc.
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  • Our Vision
    The Camp Swamp Culture is available within 300 miles (482 km) of any person on the planet, especially children, and every person within those 300 miles gets the opportunity to experience this culture, year after year.
  • Our Mission
    We are unique camp culture offering "a little taste of heaven" in a way that:

    • Fosters life-long memories and relationships,
    • Extends respect & hospitality to each individual,
    • Builds godly character, and
    • Creates a physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually safe environment

    so that any one person—especially a child—has fun and is positively influenced.
  • Our Values
    Truly, these concepts epitomize the heart of camp and the essence of the Camp Swamp camp culture.


    Everyone (parents, volunteers, counselors, and campers) has to feel mentally, physically, and emotionally safe in order for the spiritual self to be realized. Set an environment of respect; deal with bullies of all kinds, and create a culture of love. (Imagine an atmosphere where last names weren’t important; thus you were known for who you are and not all the ties to your parents, brother, sister, money, position, etc.) Thus our motto: “Besides your home, the safest place on the planet.”


    Everyone from the directors to the volunteers to the campers to the head dishwasher has to feel valued; each has the right to feel like somebody.  The culture of the camp is to make everyone feel like they are important.


    Everyone needs to know their role, being defined and understood by all parties. If so, then each person will know if he is fulfilling it or not. Each can feel the success of fulfilling it and personal accountability if not.


    The food needs to be good.  People—especially kids—will remember the food one way or another…and talk about it.


    Everyone needs to have FUN! If it is not fun, no one will want to come back.  The cooks, nurses, campers, counselors all need to have a great time. Allow camp to host a wide age range, like 9-18 for summer camp. You will be amazed at the results and live the words of Dr. Seuss, "Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”


    The rules need to be clear and few with someone who is in charge to enforce them.  They must be enforced or everything will spin out of control and no one will have much fun.


    Have a spiritual camp not a religious camp.  There is a huge difference between the two. Trust God to work on the young hearts that are open.  If great sermons and convicting preachers always converted people, all of our kids would be disciples. Trust the process and the Spirit.


    God, Jehovah, has to be made real.  We need to forget trying to indoctrinate kids into the church; let God reveal himself through the stars, the people, the Bible, nature, relationships, and through the spiritual culture that is created; the rest will follow.


    Celebrate differences!  Whether you are an athlete, scholar, musician, or domino expert, your color, talents, interests, and quirks are accepted and celebrated…each tremendously adds to the cultural tapestry; then the words of Desmond Tutu come alive, “Isn’t it amazing that we are all made in God’s image, and yet there is so much diversity among his people.”


    Pour all the resources you have into making a perennial camp…one that allows for generations to experience. If you give half your resources, you will get 50% of the results. If you only focus on one year, you may forego the next decade.

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Our Staff

Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Debbie Clark has been with the camp since 2003 and serve as the Kitchen/Event Manager. Debbie acts as on-location event manager coordinating all facets of the client's needs including meals and staff with full responsibility for over 60,000 meals annually. She holds a bachelor degree in education and currently is an elementary school teacher in her "spare" time. She enjoys serving and takes extra care in working with and getting to know the staff and volunteers who serve Camp Swamp.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Erwin has been with the camp since 2003 and serves as the Facility Manager overseeing all physical assets with full responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep and improvements of the 188 acres. Prior to Camp Swamp he was a successful business owner in the construction and cable business. He is an amazing care-taker and believes that all his previous experiences have led and prepared him for this position, which he treats not as a job but as an extension of his vast knowledge and love for children.
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Laura is a proud alumnus of Camp Swamp, having been a camper for many years from the age of 9, and returning as a worker in her teen years. She is forever grateful for the influence the Swamp had on her decision to follow Jesus, and treasures the experiences she had there. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of South Carolina. She spent many years working in the full-time ministry with college students. She has also worked as a teacher in an early education center. Most recently, she has been the social media manager for a sports photography company. Laura is passionate about using her skills to help spread the gospel and helping non-profits through social media.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Jeff comes to Camp Swamp with over 25 years of service, working with youth of all ages. He has been involved in the planning and leadership of Camp Swamp for most of those years. He has been a full-time and volunteer youth minister and has worked with kids in the Greater Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City and Athens areas. He holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Science in Operations Management from Georgia State University. Jeff has worked with the likes of The Coca-Cola Company, Scientific Atlanta, Atlanta Church of Christ, Frito-Lay, and Power Partners holding various operations management positions and comes to Camp Swamp with much needed project management, train-the-trainer, budgeting, and leadership skills. His passion is to see the world made a better place by working with tomorrow's leaders today.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Jennifer comes to Camp Swamp with over 25 years of service, working with youth of all ages. She has been involved in the planning and leadership of Camp Swamp for most of those years. She has served alongside her husband as a full-time and volunteer youth minister and has worked with kids in the Greater Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City and Athens areas. She holds a Bachelor degree in Math Education from the University of Georgia and has held teaching positions in both public and private educational systems. She currently devotes full time to Camp Swamp and all its endeavors--much to the joy of her husband, Jeff.
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Emily comes to Camp Swamp as a former camper and full-time counselor. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Parks and Recreation Management with a specialty in camp directing and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Intercultural Studies and Human Advocacy. While in college, Emily helped to plant Churches in both Clemson, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina and has worked for the Youth and Family Ministry in Triangle for the past two years. Emily has led several large groups around the world while working for HOPE worldwide, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross and JamQuest. The Swamp has had a major impact on her life and she is beyond grateful to be able to give back to the place that has given her so much.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Dona comes to Camp Swamp with over 20 years of experience serving the youth and their families in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Kansas City. Her camp experience includes being a camp counselor, activities coordinator, registration administrator and youth leader. She has also served in campus, singles and married ministries, and in church administration. Dona is extremely excited to be able to work with Camp Swamp and to be able to learn and grow and see God working through Camp Swamp around the world.
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Wade comes to Swamp Corps with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business and a passion for helping people. After a stint in Hollywood, he moved eastward where he has managed staging, lighting and sound for various places, most recently for the University of Georgia. His current role as Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Altman Lighting, Inc. adds to the business acumen supporting his focus with Swamp Corps. His combination of experience and passion makes him a perfect match for this organization. Currently, Wade volunteers his services on-site with the Corps managing the acquisition, shipment and care of equipment; supporting all equipment and logistical needs to meet process agendas; and coordinating adult participant activities on the trips.

Our Board of Directors

Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Jeff was born in Davenport, Iowa in 1962. He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where he studied Architecture and Civil Engineering, culminating in a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. He has worked as a Civil Engineer for 20 years in both the public and private sector. He presently serves as the City Engineer for the City of Norcross, Georgia. He has been married for 25 years to Jessica Mueller and has two college aged children, Leslie and Henry, who thoroughly enjoyed The Swamp during their teen years.

Jeff Mueller
City Engineer of Norcross, Georgia
476 Westhampton Drive
Tucker, Georgia 30084
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training Program

Jeff, after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Economics in 1984, worked in the insurance industry and financial services in various capacities until entering the full time ministry with his wife Ashley in 1994. They served the church in Nashville, led the church in Memphis, and then ultimately were called to serve in Atlanta in late 1996. They served the members in the southern part of Atlanta until 2004. Jeff served on the board of Faith Fellowship Christian Church (now Atlanta Metropolitan Christian Church) while living in McDonough, GA. Since moving to Marietta, Georgia, Jeff and his family are part of the North River Church of Christ.

Jeff has been married to Ashley for 18 years and they have two teenage children together, Kennedy and Sydney, who are both raving fans of The Swamp. In addition, Jeff also has a daughter, Hilary, who is a junior opera major at the University of Tennessee. Jeff holds the position of Executive Director with LegalShield. He specializes in offering legal plans and identity theft protection to employers and employees all over the southeast. Jeff is also an active real estate investor in the Cobb, Douglas, and Paulding county areas.

Jeff Reese
Executive Director
Legal Shield
3932 Plantation Drive
Marietta, GA 30062

Pam was born in Glens Falls, NY although primarily grew up in Melbourne, FL, where she met her husband, Jim, in Jr. High School. They have been married for 46 years. They have two adult sons together, Douglas and Charles who both attended many years at Camp Swamp (beginning with Camp Woodmont in the early years). In addition, Pam also has two sons, Robert and Darrell. All of their sons reside in Georgia. Jim and Pam moved to Atlanta in the Spring of 1983. They are members of the Cornerstone Church of Christ. Pam is retired from Gwinnett County Public Schools where she worked for 25 years. Pam started her career as a Substitute Teacher and eventually worked in teaching and technical positions wherein she taught teaching staff how to best use technology for the benefit of teaching the student population. She also repaired all technology components (hardware and software) and was responsible for network administration. Prior to that time, Pam worked at Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL where she was an integral part of many Space Industry Contracts for the government, working as a Program Manager over the budgetary aspects of government contracts.

Pam Hannah
5425 Dunwoody Mill Court
Dunwoody, GA 30360
Swamp Summer Camp Staff Training

Kevin is currently a Managing Principal in the Atlanta office  of Sullivan, Cotter, and Associates, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm specializing in executive and provider compensation strategies. Kevin serves as the Physician Services Practice Leader, with deep expertise in physician integration, physician enterprise optimization, and compensation and FMV assessments. Kevin has an Economics degree from Millikin University and a Masters of Business Administration from Georgia State University. His family includes his wife, Manda, and two children, Alex and Katie. Kevin and his family all love attending The Swamp and are honored to serve this ministry.