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"One Week Can Change the World"
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New to Swamp Corps?

This short film gives insight as to our beginnings, our focus, our activities and your benefits. Enjoy!

Swamp Corps Introduction Video
  • Swamp Corps is...
    Swamp Corps is the generative arm of Swamp Camp Services, Inc., a year-round retreat, conference and overnight camp facility affectionately known as Camp Swamp. Swamp Corps’ overarching purpose is to replicate Camp Swamp's culture by training host communities how to plan, organize, and direct summer camps for 9 to 18-year-old children, wherever we are invited around the world. Once an invitation is accepted, Swamp Corps will dedicate resources such as experienced campers, competent counselors, and seasoned leadership for three (3) successive years each with increasing level of ownership by the host community. The ultimate goal is to inculcate the camp culture and to see it sustained on a perennial basis by the host community. We are committed to that end.

    To learn more about coming to your location contact us.

    We look forward to planning your next camp experience together.
"My Swamp Corps Adventure!"

Watch a 14-year old's first-ever Swamp Corps trip!

Swamp Corps Kim's Africa Adventure Video

Swamp Corps Blog
We noticed character changes on return from the camp - a totally different attitude.
Camper Parent
My child was greatly impacted by last year's trip. It was a chance for her to be out of herself, and other's centered.
Counselor Parent
I learned that all humans are the same no matter what color or where they live.
Invest in Me!
A message from the kids and us to you the Sponsor.

Swamp Corps Invest in Me Video