Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it hurt when I get hit?
    No, the system uses harmless infrared technology to deliver the "hit", which causes your sensors to light up and your laser unit to emit a sound.
  • Can anybody play?
    Unfortunately not everyone is old enough to enjoy the activity of outdoor laser tag. The game is open to anyone that is 7 years old and above, male or female, fit or unfit, everyone will find a way to be comfortable playing. You might be the fast moving offensive type or you might be the stealth defensive player that prevents the other team from stealing your teams flag.
  • What should I wear to play?
    Players should wear clothes that they do not mind getting dirty. All players should wear sneakers, or comfortable hiking footwear. Open toed shoes or sandals are NOT allowed on the field of play. We also recommend long pants versus shorts to prevent scratches from bushes.
  • Can I bring outside food or beverages?
    You can bring bottled water, if you would like, but we do not allow any form of juice boxes (with the plastic straws) or alcohol of any kind. As far as food is concerned, we only allow outside birthday cakes and cupcakes. Please note: we do have refrigeration for ice cream cakes.
  • When can I play?
    You can play anytime you get 10 or more people together by booking a mission.
  • Is it like paintball or indoor lasertag?
    It has elements of both. It's an outdoor combat game like paintball, however it uses technology that is similar to indoor laser tag. The unique part of Laser Tag is the accuracy range and the anti-cheating technology…and there are no walls and no welts!
  • How long is the field time?
    Normal field time is 2 hours, unless additional time is purchased, and is broken up into missions that last approximately 15 minutes each.
  • Do you play if it is raining?
    We will move the games inside. We have a 120’ x 40’ rec. room and a 75' x 75' pavilion. Our sound system and fog machine make this an intense game!
  • What do we need to bring when we come?
    Players will need a signed waiver form and appropriate clothing. We do take water breaks as needed so water bottles are also encouraged.
  • How do you play?
    Upon arrival at camp, each player is issued a tagger, assigned to a team and given a mission brief. Teams decide how best to achieve their assigned objectives and the session begins. Get ready to rock!! We play on several different courses with natural protection and/or man made bunkers.
  • Are there any other costs besides the session fee?
    No! At the start of your game, we will load up your tagger with enough lives to get you through your mission game - if you are clever enough not to get "tagged" too many times by the other team. Unlike paint ball where one hit and you are out.
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