BASKETBALL CAMP has been canceled due to COVID-19
Held During Week 2 of Summer Camp, June 7-13

Parents/Camper Athletes:

Once again, Camp Swamp is hosting a basketball camp during Summer Camp. NOTE: HELD DURING NEW TIME: WEEK 2, JUNE 7-13, 2020

We realize the cost of two camps can be daunting and time consuming so we want to help.  There is no extra cost to participate; it is included in the cost of a week of camp--what a deal, hey!?

Conducted by Deb Miller-Palmore's Top of the Key coaching staff out of Atlanta, GA, sessions will be held each day, M-F, from 2-4pm in the pavilion. A separate form, located below, must be completed in order to register for the basketball camp. As always contact me with questions.

Thanks, Mr. Jeff

Camp Swamp Basketball Camp
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