Camp is Open!!!

Counselors are needed for retreats for the remainder of the year. Click here to see the dates of the retreats.

Opens February 1

Counselor Requirements

  • Be a Christian for at least six months by event start date,
  • Be at least a rising senior in high school,
  • Complete an Online Application (complete form below),
  • Obtain Two (2) Letters of Recommendation:
    1. From a leader of your church,
    2. From another adult, i.e. Ministry Leader or adult with whom you are close (not your family or peer)
  • Submit a paragraph regarding Camp Swamp Values,
  • Complete no-cost Background Check every three years (if applicable, a separate form will be emailed to you from Trusted Employees, check your spam folder).

Camp Swamp Counselor and Camper
"Counselors are special people. I feel safe around them and you don't get that in the regular world. A regular high school or college student won't talk to me or pay attention to me normally. But at camp I know I can walk up to any one of them and they won't laugh in my face. It's so different here." 11 Year Old Camper

Counselor Application Form

Summer Camp and Retreats

Personal Information:

Health Related Information:

Health History:

  • If marked, explain in space provided below. Include any pertinent information, which may affect your ability to counsel affectively and your usual method(s) of treatment.
  • Bring medication to camp. Click here for SPECIAL NOTICE regarding medicines.
  • Do you have or have you had in the last year any of the following:
SPECIAL NOTE: Click here to read a special note about medicines.

Weeks Available:

If applying for Full-time, mark all weeks. If wanting to counsel on 2022 Swamp Corps Trip and/or at a 2022 Retreat including [email protected], mark those as well; otherwise choose all the times you are available to counsel.
* NOTE: Shining Stars Performing Arts Academy is directed by the co-creators of Upside Down and will be renting the Swamp July 26-July 2; they have asked us to help staff with Counselors. Check this if you are interested. More info here.

Week Desired:

What are your top three choice of Summer Camp weeks?

Additional Information:

Thanks! Pray for no snakes and no breaks...and no virus!

You will get an email regarding an Online Background Check Application, if not completed within last three (3) years.
must be completed before your application is accepted. Be sure to check your spam folder for an email from Trusted Employees.

If any further information is needed, we'll contact you.

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