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"One Week Can Change the World"
Swamp Corps Video Library

Swamp India Celebrates 5 years!

Ever wanted to know what Swamp is like in India. Check this video out as they celebrate five years of Swamp.

You will also hear from Abraham and Julie Rajkumar, Camp Directors, as to their focus and desire for camp.

Kenya 2017 Camp Highlights

This video captures the first 4 night 5 day camp in Kenya as it was a good time to get ready for our Year 1 trip there in 2018, where we hope it is 5 nights and 6 days. Features many of the beautiful faces, fun action and a new facility of the camp.

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Nicaragua Year 3 Highlights
This video captures the highlights of our third year in Nicaragua as a team of 53 from Swamp Corps joined campers from all over Central America. Thanks to Jacob Williams for creating and dedicating to Olivia Roberts--this is for you Olivia!

We are actually planning a Year 4 trip. More details to come. Would you like to go with us next year?!
Kimberly's South African Adventure
This video captures the highlights of 14 year Kimberly Hoffman. As one of the youngest Swamp Corps team members, she reflects on the emotions and the memories and helps us see what an amazing time she had.

Perhaps it will spark your adventure!
2014 South Africa Youth Camp Talent Show & Top Ten List: A Tribute to the American Campers. Enjoy the talent of Week 1 Youth Camp. Comes in three parts and the last video is the Top Ten.
Act 1
Act 3
Acct 2
Top Ten List
S. Africa Camp Led Service
This video features a snippet of the all camp led service concluding the week of camp. A great view of many of the campers singing and the expressions that match a great week of camp. Enjoy!
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